Our Vision


Business enterprises like living beings evolve over time.

Our genesis as a Group lay in trading. Over the last 50 years, our business vision has been guided by the evolving needs of our consumers and the changing marketplace. Our growth journey has carved a path linked to the development of diverse, complex African and Asian markets. During the 80s and 90s, we laid huge focus on building advanced manufacturing capabilities – particularly in our portfolio of packaging, chemicals & construction businesses.

Today, we play at the forefront of value-added specialty manufacturing & knowledge services. Our business focus and vision now encompass excellence in emerging markets across sunrise sectors such as energy, construction & value-added packaging solutions.

In 2012, we diversified into the renewable energy sector with the formation of Renewsys. That very year, we also ventured into value-added, brand management services with Encept Premedia. Our focus on Africa, particularly Nigeria and its neighboring West African economies gets a stronger push through our FMCG, energy, construction & packaging businesses. In early 2015, we divested our stakes in Positive Packaging Industries’ India and UAE operations – for long, our flagship business in Asia. Our focus on packaging however, stays strong through renewed objectives for Primepak, Avon, Renewsys, Encept & Finechem.

As we move forward, creating a new future in a new world, we are determined to preserve the legacy of our past – our core values and ways of doing business.