Corporate Social Responsibility

The Enpee Group made humble beginnings as a small trading business and within five decades grew into a $300 million transnational conglomerate with an array of market-leading businesses. We believe that this astounding progress would not have been possible without the nurture, support, encouragement, care and sustenance of the societies and communities in which we operate. Giving back to the communities which have stood by us during this long and arduous journey spanning more than fifty years is an article of faith with us.

We aim to positively impact EducationHealthcare and the Environment with an intent to strengthen the Communities  and Countries in which we operate.

Our philanthropic efforts are guided by Our Values. Our experience shows that sustainable development and progress is not possible without the Courage to take risks and face up to challenges. Empowerment and Trust are a prerequisite for instilling the confidence to be courageous. The under privileged deserve a Fair  opportunity to achieve their potential and can come from behind and actually leap frog ahead by adopting a Futuristic outlook.

Our humanitarian activities are inspired by the idea of carrying societies and communities with us towards Our Vision of preserving the legacies of our common past and creating a shared future.